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Genre: MMO Zombie apocalypse
Platforms: iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices
Price: Free

The battle for the Planet has begun! Join the survivors in their fight against undead hordes, and help to recover the world!

✔ Join thousands of players in the fight for the Earth
✔ Customize your character with the best equipment
✔ Work together with your friends
✔ Research dozens of anti-zombies weapons.
✔ Collect journals with the last days of other survivors
✔ Loot enemies across the world
✔ Complete numerous missions around three worlds
✔ Build a great and powerful hideout

Undead Planet is a global social experience from Pocket Puppet that is sure to keep you entertained.


Genre: Fruit-Adventure
Platforms: iPhone and iPod touch
Price: $0.99/ £0.59/ €0.79

The Dragon fruit has come. Take control of your favorite dragon breeder. And with the help of his friends move across the stage by bouncing the different fruits to reach the mouth of the dragon. Don't let any fall off!!

Bounce as mach fruits as you can to become a master breeder. Explore a dragon world, full of castles, mystic mountains and volcano islands. Spend your gold in the store to buy power-ups or more dragon breeders.


Genre: Mugs´m up
Platforms: iPhone and iPod touch
Price: $0.99/ £0.59/ €0.79

Balance your device to get your mug moving, catch the falling components, and beware of all the crazy bugs! Watch out, though: only the most seasoned mugs will be able to reach those insane late levels.

✔ Easy to handle, smooth accelerator-based gameplay
✔ 99 levels in continuously increasing difficulty
✔ 8 unlockable mugs with crazy personalities and abilities
✔ 20 epic achievements (will you be able to get those gold ones?)
✔ Game Center compatible, with leaderboard support

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